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  • LumArtec introducts new patented LED R7s lamp with filament look

    LumArtec designed a brand new patented R7s lamp-FiLEDment R7s series, in which new technology of Flip chip packaging LED was adopted. Featuring in slimmer sizes, FiLEDment R7s can easily suitable for common R7s fixtures. It also delivers all round illumination for 360 degree all-round beam. FiLEDment R7s series have filament look inspired by filament bulbs. It also creates a warm and comfortable environment by having a color temperature of 2700K.

    LumArtec is devoted to the energy-saving career by bring energy-efficient products to the market, it also delivers better light experience to the world by making unique and quality products. FiLEDment R7s, incorporating the latest flip chip packaging LED and our energy-efficient circuit for around 100lm/W efficacy and perfect light performance, greatly represent what we were doing.  It can reduce the maintenance cost and improve your light experience as we always wanted.

    For aditional information about LumArtec please refer to www.lumartec.com

    For FiLEDment R7s-118, please refer to http://www.lumartec.com/ProductShow.asp?id=453.

    For FiLEDment R7s-78, please refer to http://www.lumartec.com/ProductShow.asp?id=454

    You can also contact us directly by emailing us at info@lumartec.com.

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