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    Different from all the traditional S19 lamps, LumArtec's new LEDnear S19 meets its customer recently, also shown on the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition). 

    What's new? You may wonder. Let's take a deep look.

    First of all, the LEDnear S19 integrate the latest LED tech, reaches 8W power consumption but 650lm luminous flux. 

    Second, the pleasant surface designed by frosted glass body is the natural anti-glare material. 

    Third, 360 degree all-round illumination.

    Forth, 1:1 size as traditional S19 incandescent lamp, makes it suitable for your old fixtures to be a perfect replacement of your traditional S19.


    This is a big improvement for S19 lamps. To replace your old S19 lamp with LumArtec LEDnear S19, make efforts to the environment protection.

Trust in LumArtec, Make your life 'Zero to Perfect'!
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