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    The color temperature of a light source is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of comparable hue to that of the light source. In practice, color temperature can only reflect the color ranged from white to yellow to red, which is limited by the radiation of black body.

    Color temperature (CCT) is conventionally stated in the unit of absolute temperature, the Kelvin, having the unit symbol K.

    The lower color temperature is the yellowish white through red, create a warm and relax atmosphere, the higher is the cool white to bluish white, it enhance the tension and make people concentrate but can be tired easily.

    The color temperatures of light sources accordingly are listed as below chart:



    1,700 K

    Match flame, low pressure sodium lamps (LPS/SOX)

    1,850 K

    Candle flame, sunset/sunrise

    2,700每3,300 K

    Incandescent lamps

    3,000 K

    Soft (or Warm) White compact fluorescent lamps

    3,200 K

    Studio lamps, photofloods, etc.

    3,350 K

    Studio "CP" light

    4,100每4,150 K


    5,000 K

    Horizon daylight

    5,000 K

    Tubular fluorescent lamps or

    cool white/daylight compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)

    5,500每6,000 K

    Vertical daylight, electronic flash

    6,200 K

    Xenon short-arc lamp

    6,500 K

    Daylight, overcast

    6,500每10,500 K

    LCD or CRT screen

    15,000每27,000 K

    Clear blue poleward sky

    Source from Wikipedia.

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