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  • What is in-line transformer?

    For most of LED under cabinet lights from Lumartec, an in-line transformer, as the following picture shows, is supplied with the light. It¡¯s an in-line driver used to transform the constant voltage to constant current. 

    • Input: 12V AC/DC
    • Output: 700mA or other ( differs according to the lights)
    • Cable length:    1. Input end: 5cm;

        2. Output end: 2M.

    ¡°In electronics, an LED circuit is an electrical circuit used to power a light-emitting diode (LED). The circuit must provide sufficient current to light the LED at the required brightness, but must limit the current to prevent damaging the LED. The voltage drop across an LED is approximately constant over a wide range of operating current; therefore, a small increase in applied voltage greatly increases the current. ¡°An in-line transformer is required when driving high-power LEDs for illumination to achieve correct current regulation. It somehow provided proper current for the LED to reach required brightness, and protect it from the mass current changing which helps extend its lifetime.

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