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    Most lamps have metal bases that fit in a socket to support the lamp and conduct current to the filament wires/LED. And lamps bases can be divided into screw base, bayonet base, pin base, shell base and prefocus base and others.

    The following chart is made to facilitate your purchase of light bulbs by giving a brief review of all kinds of bases. 

    Screw base Bayonet base Pin base Prefocus base Other
    E5 BA7 Fc2 PGJ5 R7s
    E10 B8.4d & BX8.4d Fa4 P11.5d RX7s
    EP10 BA9 Fa6 PG12 & PGX12 R17d
    EY10 BAX9s Fa8 PGZ12 SX4s/4
    EZ10 BAY9s G1.27 & GX1.27 PG13 & PGJ13 SY4s/7
    E11 BAZ9s G2.54& GX2.54 P13.5s S5.7s
    E12 * B15d GUX2.5d, GUY2.5d & GUZ2.5d PX13.5s SX6s
    E14 BA15 G3.17 P14.5s SV7
    E17 * BAU15 G4 P18s SV8.5
    E26 * BAW15 GU4 W2.5x16 S14
    E26d * BAX15d GY4 WU2.5x16 S15s & S19s
    E26 / 50x39 & E26 / 51x39 * BAY15d GZ4 WX2.5x16 SK15s
    E27 BAZ15 G5 WY2.5x16 W2x4.6d
    E27 / 51x39 BA15s-3 (100°„ / 130°„) G5.3 WZ2.5x16 W2.1x9.5d
    E39 * BA20 G5.3-4.8 W3x16d & WX3x16d W3.3x10.4d
    E40 BA21-3 (120°„) GU5.3 W3x16q, WX3x16q & WY3x16q WP4x9d
    B22d GX5.3 WZ3x16q W4.3x8.5d
    b22d-3 (90°„ / 135°„) / 25x26 GY5.3 W10.6x8.5d
    Attn: the star mark(*) means the base is not allowed to use in China BY22d G6.35, GX6.35 & GY6.35 X511
    GU10 GZ6.35 Flashcube / Cube Flashcube
    GU10q GU6.5 Magicube Type X
    GX10 2G7
    GX10q GU7
    GY10 2GX7
    GY10q GZX7d, GZY7d & GZZ7d
    GZ10 G7.9 & GX7.9
    GZ10q 2G8
    2G10 GR8
    2G11 G8.5
    G12 GX8.5
    GX12 G9
    G13 G9.5
    2G13 GX9.5
    2GX13 GY9.5, GZ9.5, GZX9.5, GZY9.5 & GZZ9.5
    G16d G10q
    G16t GR10q
    GU16d / GX16d GRX10q
    GY16 GRZ10d
    G17q-7, GX17q-7 & GY17q-7 GRZ10t
    G17.5t-1 PG18.5d
    G20 PGJ19
    G22 PGJY19
    GY22 P20d, PX20d, PY20d & PZ20d
    G23 PG20 & PGU20
    GX23 P22d & PX22d
    G24, GX24 & GY24 PG22-6.35
    G32, GX32 & GY32 PK22s
    G38 PKX22s
    GX38q P23t
    G53 P26s
    GX53 PX26d
    P26.4t & PJ26.4t
    P32d & PK32d

    Sources: GB2797-200°Ń

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